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How I get along in Ecuador without knowing Spanish

Last week I told my Spanish teacher she was old. She asked us for adjectives and this was the only one I knew. She looked at me coldly. Then I realised we were supposed to describe herself.

I am not good in being bad. And this time, I was the worst.

When I applied for an internship at the Universidad Internacional del Ecuador, my host supervisor warned me: "The language will be an obstacle, that you will need to overcome."
Since I really wanted to come to Ecuador, I did not feel that it could be a big deal. For some reason I have a very high self-esteem with regards to languages and I also always wrongly assume that if my sister speaks Spanish then I also have to understand it. Well, it's not exactly true.

The lack of my Spanish skills showed promptly during the first week of my stay: I was not able to get a phone service subscription, I couldn't ask the bus driver to stop and drop me off, I was afraid to buy lunch at a cafeteria because they would not understand me…

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